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Ashlei O.
Chula Vista, CA / 5 Star Rating

When my dog passed unexpectedly, our Vet sent him here. It was and still is a hard time for us since our pets are family. When our Vet said we can come pick him up I was expecting to be very sad and I was. However, I saw that he was well taken care of. I received what looks like a gift bag and it honestly was a gift. Inside was a beautiful box with his name on top. Then I saw the most unexpected thing, his paw print with his name engraved on it. We did not have his anything with his paw print so we are thankful for this!

Thank you for taking care of Brian for us. We are grateful with the respect and compassion you guys have shown us.


Lauren G.
San Diego, CA / 5 Star Rating

It wasn't easy picking up Olivers ashes but The cemetery was inviting when we pulled up , they have a beautiful pergola out front. They gave us a paw print, certificate, poem, and a cute box that held the ashes of our cat.

Christa D.
San Diego, CA / 5 Star Rating

I have never been more pleasantly surprised as with the care and compassion given from this Pet Cemetery. We lost our fur baby unexpectedly and at the last minute decided to keep her ashes. I'm so glad we went with the private cremation instead of the group cremation. They sent us a beautiful bamboo box with her name engraved on top, a lovely poem with a heart of wild flower seeds, and the most precious cast of our beloved Sugar's paw print. We will cherish this always. All of this came shipped to us in a box with paw print paper and a pouch for the paw print. What a wonderful gift to receive after such a devastating loss to our family. Thank you for the attention to detail, the kind words, and the compassion.

Angela F.
San Diego, CA / 5 Star Rating

When our beloved great dane, King, passed away on a Saturday evening we had no idea what to do. At 9 years old, the vet warned us to be prepared. We started having "the talk" with the kids, but still didn't expect he would be chasing a ball one minute and gone the next. The kids wanted to have him cremated and keep his ashes. A friend referred us to VCA Emergency Animal Hospital and Referral Center. They referred us go Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery (SVPC) and was also willing to keep King until he could be picked up on Monday. Alex from SVPC called on Sunday morning. After genuinely offering condolences and asking about how we were doing, he explained the process to me. He even offered to talk with our kids and give them a kid friendly tour when we picked him up. Death is inevitable, but having a compassionate, professional person that can help kids through the grief process is a special gift. The price was very reasonable, about $200 for our 120 pound dog. We received King's remains a week later in a beautiful wooden box engraved with his name on it. Just as we were regretting not having a paw print, we looked in the bag and to our surprise - they had made an ink print and a paw print on a ceramic plate! These little details, down to the blue ribbons, really helped ease the pain and we felt good knowing King was cared for all the way. Even the carry home bag was classy and included a certificate, several resources for memoriam ideas and pamphlets on grief. We also received a personalized condolence card a few days later. I would highly recommend SVPC to anyone looking for respectful end of life options for their fur baby.

    Crystal S.
    San Diego, CA / 5 Star Review

    I lost my baby girl on Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014. I brought her in around 7pm, which was after hours. The lady who helped me was very kind and patient.

    Nana was ready within 5 days. I was very anxious to pick her up. Luckily the lady who helped me the night she passed was the same lady who handed her back to me. It felt reassuring to know that my baby was in good hands.

    Nana came in a simple yet beautiful wooden box, along with her personalized paw print on a heart shaped clay.

    Pricing was way better than what I thought a cremation would be. And I absolutely love the fact that it's all private/individual cremations.

    Thank you so much SVPC.
    My Nana is finally home.

    Vivian C.
    National City, CA / 5 Star Rating

    Staff were all very helpful and kind. They treat my dog with respect and love and as grieving mom they were very supportive.

    Patrick E.
    El Cajon, CA / 5 Star Rating

    I went to get my service dog who was taken by cancer. Sorrento Valley treated him with utmost respect and dignity. I couldn't ask for a better place to go. The kindness shown to me was amazing. I recommend them to anyone who has to say goodbye to a beloved friend. Thank you for everything.

    Clare F.
    San Diego, CA / 5.0 star rating - 10/15/2015 

    The people here were great. They were very compassionate. They were extremely helpful and kind. We had a lovely memorial service, an Irish wake for an Irish setter, using their chapel and lovely garden. They groomed our sweet Tess, making her beautiful in death.  Can't say enough good things about Jerry, Natalie, Alex, and Lindsey, the groomer. Also the fact that they only do single cremations means a lot. There is no doubt that the ashes we hold are the remains our beloved pet.

    Sierra L.
    Downtown, Portland, OR / 5.0 star rating - 10/14/2015

    Woke up this morning to discover that my friend's sweet dog had gotten out & been hit by a car. Hell of a way to start the day. I did a quick google search for a place to bring Jamie & SVPC was at the top of the list. Quick poke around their website & reviews & we decided to bring him here. He loaded him into the car & we drove to SVPC. The kind woman at the front desk went through the paperwork with me while one of the employees (I wasn't paying much attention to names) helped my friend unload Jamie from the car. Neither of us could bear to stay there any longer so we left.

    The process was explained simply, straightforward but very kindly. The prices seem high, but as another reviewer mentioned it's not really something you want to spend time on shopping around. I have every confidence that Jamie will be well taken care of while he is there.
    The best thing was when the woman at the desk was mentioning how much they love slow days, even though its bad business because it means no one lost their beloved pet that day. Sympathy like that made the process a tiny bit easier.

    Mary H.
    San Diego / 5.0 star rating - 3/29/2014

    We lost our lovely yellow lab last week and I searched for a crematorium that would suit our pocket. I read the yelp reviews and chose Sorrento Valley, we were thrilled with the way they looked after sonny our Lab. We took him in on Monday and he was ready to come home by Friday. What I like about Sorrento Valley is that they only do individual cremations so you know you’re getting your pet back, after reading other reviews I wanted to make sure. Anyway we got Sonny in a lovely cedar wood box and a paw print and cast. And a little gift of wild seeds to plant at home. The cost was very good 236 dollars, it's not a flashy place but it was caring and that's what I wanted. So pleased we chose AA Sorrento Valley :) just to mention the young lady at the front desk was really sweet and caring!

    Lance R.
    San Diego / 5.0 star rating - 1/20/2014

    We recently had to put one of our pet rats down and Natalie could not have been kinder and sympathetic in helping us with the cremation process. It is obvious she genuinely cares about what she does and about animals in general. If you choose cremation for any of your pets, this is the ONLY place to have it done.

    Gerry, Natalie, Mel & Alex

    We just wanted to thank you for all your thoughtfulness and caring as we dealt with the sudden loss of our precious Gus. Knowing he is being watched over by such wonderful people gives us great comfort.
    Warm regards, Adele and Mary Scalli


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